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Fulfilling a Promise

After enduring a recession, and numerous difficulties to succeed in Cocoa Beach, Studio Thirteen had made a name four ourselves for our attention to detail, and perfectionism that drove us to keep getting better.  By this point, we’d assembled an a-list team of artists, and it was time to expand.

After clients continually complaining to us about having to travel all the way to Cocoa Beach to get a tattoo, we decided to do something about it, and expand to Orlando.  We chose Waterford Lakes as the ideal area for our first Orlando Tattoo Studio, and started looking for ways to make it happen.

One ill-fated Kickstarter video, and a lot of elbow grease and hard work later, and there it was, our brand new Orlando Tattoo Studio, with a high-art vibe, and collaborative tattoo room that had become our signature.  Despite many studios getting upset at the content of said video, we’ve found allies among the studios that didn’t automatically assume they were the problem with Orlando Tattoos, and with the contributions made by some of the more respected artists in the area, we hope to revolutionize Orlando Tattooing for years to come.

So, come pay us a visit, and check out the work by our incredible team of talented artists.

Our Team

Jessica Hiemstra
Jessica Hiemstra
Tattoo Artist

Jessica is one of our talented artists holding down the fort in the Orlando Location, and began her career with the studio. She’s got a diverse set of abilities, and distinct and refined style that she likes to work in as well. So, whether you want something in or out of her style, she can knock it out of the park.

Annie Nasta
Annie Nasta

Annie approaches piercing as a true art, constantly pushing herself. Annie is always seeking better, cleaner, and more visually appealing approaches to piercing, and brings a level of artistry to the craft that shines through in every piece she puts out, from simple belly button piercings, to large scale projects.

Tattoo Artist

Sammy is the eternally upbeat member of the Orlando studio, who brings an intense love and inspiration from both American Traditional and Japanese into her artwork. She can cover a huge range of work, but enjoys focusing on bright colors and bold contrast work.

Ian Maggard
Ian Maggard
Tattoo Apprentice

Ian started his career with the studio, and joined the ranks of our apprentices after hanging around forever and drawing with us every day. He’s nearing the end of his apprenticeship, and developing a style with heavy emphasis on detailed line-work, and smooth high contrast color transitions.

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