Our Process

House Rules

Make sure you check out our house rules before continuing on, and familiarize yourself with them.

First Contact

When you first contact us, our goal is to make sure we have all the information we could need to create the perfect piece of artwork for you.  Whether you contact us by phone, through social media, or via email, there are several key piece of information you are going to need.

  • What service are you looking to get performed?
  • Where on your body would you like your piece located?
  • Did you have a style preference, or inspiration pieces?
  • How soon would you like to have the service performed?
  • How old are you (for minor consent purposes)?
  • Do you have a valid government photo ID (required for everyone)?
  • Have you familiarized yourself with our House Rules?
  • Did you have a budget or other constraints to work around?
  • Do you have a preferred artist (check out our portfolios if not)?
  • Which location do you want to visit for your services?
  • Did you have any questions for us?

If you compile all of this information before that first contact, the process will go smoothly and quickly into the next steps.


Once you’ve made that first contact, we’ll get you hooked up with an artist to match your needs/desires.  From here on in, that artist will be your guide into the world of tattooing and piercing.  They will begin by taking the time to sit down with you, and perform a consultation session tailored to meet the needs of your piece.

You should bring all the reference photos and inspiration pieces you’ve acquired to this first session to help the artist really get into the mood of your piece.  Your artist will look at these, and assess the needs of your piece, and what issues may need to be addressed.

As always, these first consulting sessions are free of charge, and will typically include a rough time quote for the piece to help you budget and schedule getting your artwork performed.  As our artists are typically very busy, it is important to arrive promptly for this session, to avoid running out of time for a proper consultation.


Our goal is to produce artwork that is unique to each person, and that involves collaborating with our clients, rather than just working on them.  After your consultation session, your artist will get to work designing the perfect piece of art for you.  This portion of the process is the most vital, as the foundation of your tattoo begins here, and everything will be built off of this.

During this process, you should expect changes to be made to your initial vision.  One of the thrilling aspects of working in the medium of tattooing, is that there are limitations that must be overcome.  Size, contrast, and spacing may all need to be altered somewhat to achieve the overall goal, and it is important to listen to your artist on this, as they have accumulated years of experience, and are backed by an award winning team of veteran artist that they work closely with each day.  This knowledge base allows us to avoid simply performing the latest fad, only to have your tattoo end up looking terrible in a couple of years.


Our commitment to you goes much further than just taking your money, and rushing you out the door.  After crafting the perfect foundation through your consultation, and subsequent collaboration with your artist, it would make no sense to simply phone in the rest of the process.

Our artists will painstakingly craft each detail during the application, pushing the artistic limits of the medium, and ensuring you the highest possible quality for your individual piece.  Whether it’s a tribal half-sleeve, portrait of your grandmother, or highly detailed mandala, each piece receives the love it deserves.

We don’t stop there, though.  No, we follow up with you through our ongoing relationship.  You can expect each artist to provide free touch up sessions for your artwork for any and all possible mishaps on our end.  While we strive for perfection each time, it will occasionally happen that something goes wrong, and that is when a studio can really shine.  Rest assured, if you are unhappy with some portion of the application, we will make it right on our dime, because commitment means more than just working hard, it means following through.